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Aru in Kampar, Sumatra (the Lost Kingdom)

Suma Oriental (re-write)
Tome Pires
Book 6, History of  Malacca; page 244-246

And this Madafarxa often used to go out to fight in person, and his brother Raja Pute remained as Paduca Raja, which means viceroy. He often fought against the king of Aru, and took from him the kingdom of Rokan (Yrcam), which is opposite Malacca in the land of Aru. And as Iong as he lived he always made war on him, according to what they say.

This king took the Singapore channel with the island of Bintang (Bimtam) and brought it all under his obedience, up to the present time, where now he has taken refuge in flight; and he went to war over the said channel with the king of Pahang, and of Trengganu (Talimgano) and of Patani, and he always had the best of it, and therewithal he retained the land and jurisdiction, and he married one of his elder sisters to the said king of Pahang, who had recently turned Moor, and this will be about fifty-five or sixty years ago at the most. He had turned Moor at the request of the said Modafarxa, and [with the promise] that he would give him his sister in marriage.

This king made war on Kampar and Indragiri; and he fought for a long time against these two kingdoms, which are in the land of Menangkabau, whence gold comes to Malacca; and in the course of time the said Modafarxa squeezed them so much, as they were rich, and because different races navigated to his port, and because he was allied with the Javanese and the Chinese and the Siamese, and in Pase, that through his own endeavours he married two daughters of Raja Pute his brother, one to the king of Kampar and the other to the king of Indragiri and the said kings and the people nearest to them became Moors, all the rest still remaining heathens, and so they turned Moors about fifty years ago at the most.

And because of the honour he gained through making these three kings Moors [and] tributaries, his name became so famous that he had messages and presents from the kings of Aden and Ormuz and of Cambay, and Bengal, and they sent many merchants from their regions to live in Malacca, and he was called Sultan, for in this country any lord is called Raja, only in Pase, Malacca and Bengal are they called Sultans; and be very careful In this, when a letter come from Portugal for any king here, to say ‘from the Sultan of Portugal to thee, Raja So-and-So’.

This king used his powers greatly to see if he could destroy Aru, although the king of Aru had turned Moor before any of the others, even before the king of Pase according to what they say; but because they say he is not a true believer in Mohammad, and he lives in the hinterland, he has many people and he has many pinnaces, they are always out pillaging, and wherever they descend they take everything, and they live on this, and this can never be remedied because the land of Aru is like this. And from Aru they can cross to the land of of Malacca in one day, and the Men of aru are greatly feared, and from the time of Modafarxa until the capture of Malacca by the governor of India they were always enemies, and they still are today. This Modafarxa sent ambassador to java to the heathen king , and say that by secret mean he found a way through his priest to induce important men from coatal district to turn moors and these are now pates. This will be dealt with in the description of java. The said Modafarxa was a vassal of the said king of Java and sent him elephant and thing from China and rich cloths from among those which come to his port, and as long as he live he always maintained his friendship with the said king; and a large quantity of foodstuffs came from Java. He greately improved the port of Malacca.

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